6 Month Premium Voucher




Provide 6 months PREMIUM access to all of Glenn's meditation and hypnotherapy recordings to a family member or friend. When you order this product you will be given a unique code that you can forward onto the gift recipient. Your unique gift voucher code will be emailed in a separate message to your order confirmation email within 24 hours of placing your order (Monday to Friday).

They will then be able to redeem the code to access Glenn Harrold's 130+ hypnotherapy and meditation audios, videos and ebooks covering a wide range of issues including insomnia, stress, anxiety, mindfulness, sleep, weight-loss, confidence, self-esteem, solfeggio frequencies, binaural beats, spiritual healing, phobias, addictions and much more.

As well as access to over 130 meditation and hypnotherapy recordings, this code will also give access to premium features such as hypnosis videos, eBooks for anxiety and phobias and the chance to win a one-to-one Skype hypnotherapy or meditation session with Glenn.