Precautions before using hypnosis and meditation titles

Do NOT listen while driving or operating machinery.

If you suffer with serious depression or epilepsy please consult your doctor before using the hypnosis and meditation recordings.

Glenn's advice on people with epilepsy and depression using his recordings:

"We have had many customers with epilepsy and depression who have used my hypnosis audios with only positive results. I know that hypnotic videos can cause problems as strobe effects can trigger epilepsy attacks, but to the best of my knowledge hypnosis/meditation audios are not a problem. With my audios you are guided into a deeply relaxed state using gentle suggestion techniques, which is unlikely to have any adverse effect if you suffer with epilepsy or depression. However I would still consult your doctor for expert advice as there are different types of epilepsy and depression and I don't know how serious issues may be affected by hypnosis."

Some further information on epilepsy from Dr Adam Löfving who is a GP and Vice President of the Swedish Society of Clinical Hypnosis. Dr Löfving is also a long term user of Glenn's recordings:

"It depends a bit on what type of epilepsy the person has (and her age) but as a general rule it is okay to hypnotize people that have epilepsy as long as the relaxation is slow and not "full" hypnosis the first time. In my experience if you take them too quickly down that road they can react. Also if you lead the to a place/world with too much to see/feel/hear they can also react." All the best!" Adam Lofving

With this in mind try one of Glenn's more gentle non visual recordings like Deep Sleep, Instant sleep or Relax & Sleep Well.


To listen to the audios from a mobile device please choose the “Listen in Browser” option on the audio playback page.

Please also make sure you are connected to a good Wi-Fi or 4G connection before streaming the audios, otherwise they may buffer and interrupt your listening experience.