Listening to more than one hypnosis title at a time

It is probably best to listen to one recording at a time to allow your mind to focus on one goal. However, some recordings will work well with others as the issues are closely related.

For example, Build Your Self-Esteem will work fine in conjunction with the Learn How To Think Positively, Develop Your Self-Confidence, or even Lose Weight Now! However, we would not advise listening to Stop Smoking Forever and Lose Weight Now together as both are separate goals that need your full attention.

If after this time you are still struggling with your problem, then continue working with the recording and also perhaps seek additional one to one help from a good therapist.


To listen to the audios from a mobile device please choose the “Listen in Browser” option on the audio playback page.

Please also make sure you are connected to a good Wi-Fi or 4G connection before streaming the audios, otherwise they may buffer and interrupt your listening experience.