How to use the recordings

The recordings work in varying degrees and will be different for each individual. It is impossible to give an estimated time, but after a few listens you should begin to notice some positive changes. Sometimes the positive changes can be instant and dramatic. For other people it can be a gradual, subtle progression into a new pattern of behaviour over time.

You can listen to any title as often as you like and it is said that 21 days is an ideal length of time to change a pattern of behaviour. The key to absorbing hypnotic suggestion is compounding; the more you hear the suggestion the quicker your unconscious mind gets the message. You will then respond to the suggestion automatically in your every day life.

So it is best to listen to the recording on a daily basis initially, and continue until you have reached your goal or overcome the problem. You may even choose to continue listening indefinitely. With the Weight Loss title for example, you can continue to use the recording even after you reach your target weight, as it will reinforce your determination to remain in control of your weight and keep you focused.


To listen to the audios from a mobile device please choose the “Listen in Browser” option on the audio playback page.

Please also make sure you are connected to a good Wi-Fi or 4G connection before streaming the audios, otherwise they may buffer and interrupt your listening experience.